Street Art Park

The Château de Môh and our Street Art Park

You are staying at the Chateau de Moh ’s Lofts, you are in the heart of our historical region, along the river Loire, the last and biggest wild river in Europe. You are going to visit the castles of Saumur and Chinon on the traces of Rabelais, Fontevraud, only 6 km away, you will collect your thoughts on the tombs of Alienor d'Aquitaine and Richard the Lion Heart… and here just next to where you chose to stay , you will discover that you can relax, wander, take a breath … you will discover unexpected monumental art works realized by famous artists of street art !! You will definitely appreciate the contrast , the peacefulness and the freshness of our parc

"Street Art is about to become the most popular art form of the day. This is precisely what the owners of the Château de Môh understood in proposing to Fabrice Claval (who was previously the administrator of the exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris) the production and management of the exhibition of the Parc. Together they have invited more than 20 artists to come and settle in residence at the Château de Môh and offered them various media scattered on the 5 hectares of the Château Park. There, in just the space of a few days and nights the Street Artists breathed new life into their personal energy by adapting immediately to the site and its ephemeral nature. -23 Artists created 40 art pieces in less than a month!"


Mon séjour idéal