History of the Castle of Candes-Saint-Martin

Loire Valley

About the Château de Moh in Candes St. Martin in a few lines...

The Chateau de Moh's history dates back to the 15th century when it was the summer residence of the bishops of Tours. They were fans of wine which you can witness throughout the property: The press, the cellar under the terrace, and the sloped inclines that allowed for the transport of the barrels of wine up the Loire river.

The tower, the wall that surrounds the castle, as well as the moat disappeared back to the XV century. Over the following centuries, the tower was raised again and the courtyard and the buildings around it were created, as well as the terrace and cellars, which are located below. The main building, which is now the castle, was reconstructed during this time. There is little documentation about the construction of the castle or of the strange single arena located in the park on the grounds but there is speculation that this was intended for animal fighting at some point in history.

The property lay dormant for years, without modern heating or bathrooms. It was bought by Katchatouroff, a Parisian Russian born industrialist in 1970 after discovering it while on holiday with his family. The youngest son Francis, a talented ceramic artist, found inspiration in the area and took up residence. After his parents had passed away, he continued to care for and maintain the property with pride and enthusiasm.

In 2006, Monique and Didier Pignet traveled to La Loire. The veteran hoteliers, who had offerings in Paris and the Carribean, were looking towards retirement when they happened upon the castle. They were uncertain if they wanted to tackle a project of this size and scope, but the charm of the region and the beauty of the castle did its magic and they were hooked.

They contacted Francis (the son of the previous owner whose father had died a few years ago and Francis could no longer cope with such an enormous property though he loved it so much), and felt an immediate and strong connection. They purchased the castle and the plans began. Adding to their pleasure, Francis had agreed to remain with Monique and Didier at Chateau de Moh and is the Manager and the “soul" of the place.

In 2009, the Pignets began the enormous renovation of the entire premise. Over the next 7 years more than 100 artisans and workers brought the beauty and the magic to life to Chateau de Moh. In addition to the Tower and the Castle, guests may now enjoy: The Pool House & Spa in the heart of garden and orchard. The Press Room, which is perfect for hosting events. 12 attractive rental apartments, houses and suites on the grounds adjacent to the castle and in the village of Candes St. Martin.

  • 4 are within the House Perrières, which is located 100 meters from the castle
  • 5 at the Maison du Rempart, which were just completed in the summer of 2015.
  • 1 large apartment called The Loft the buildings within the castle grounds.
  • 1 smaller house near The Press called Maison du Pressoir.
  • The Maison Trochet, facing the main entrance of the Château offers 3 bedrooms, a spacious living room and a lovely garden.

All of these hospitality offerings are available from 2 nights to one month stays and guests have private access to the castle’s pool, Sauna and Spa in both the summer and winter.

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